the music format for the 21st century

Fans want to support their favorite artists and collect physical objects around the music they love.

But in an age where all music is available online, why should they have to collect outdated media to do that?

Goodz are collectible wooden objects that fans can tap with their phone to be taken to online content such as streaming music or exclusive media.

You can even update this link over time, so your Goodz could point to your latest album today, a new music video next week, and a pre-sale for your concert next month.

The perfect party favor for any occassion

A lovely take-home photo of the bride and groom that friends and family can tap to be taken to the wedding website, the playlist from the party, the photos from the big day.

A commemorative ticket stub from a festival or conference that users can tap to be taken to the schedule of the event, the related collection of videos, or the online merch store.



Are you a musician looking to sell custom Goodz around your next song or album release? Or looking for a unique wedding favor? Special birthday? Festival, conference, quinceañera? We can make custom Goodz for your next album, tour, or special event. Environmentally friendly, retro physical products that seamlessly connect to online content with a simple tap of your phone. Get in touch to get started today.

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