At Goodz we believe music should be seen, not just heard.

There’s something magical about holding music in your hands. To take something invisible like sound and capture it in a physical object, like fireflies in a jar. All of sudden this ethereal thing–music–can be collected. You can put it on your shelf to represent the things you care about. You can take it with you to remind you of people you love and places you’ve been.  

Most of all you can share it. The perfect collection of songs that sum up how you feel about someone. An album that meant so much to you that you know will mean so much to someone else. The exact right playlist for the exact right occasion. 

Of course streaming is great too. Having every song ever recorded stored in your pocket is incredible and has permanently transformed our lives as music lovers.

goodz is the best of both worlds.

Goodz are physical collectibles that you can tap with your phone to launch a song, an album or a playlist on a streaming music service such as Spotify or YouTube. 

The tech is called Near Field Communication (NFC) and it’s the same thing you use to buy a cup of coffee or a sandwich by tapping your phone against a cash register screen every day.

We wanted the ease of streaming paired with the joy of collecting. So we went ahead and made it.

Could you listen to streaming music without Goodz?

Of course you could, and you probably do every single day.

Are Goodz less convenient? Easier to lose?

Yes and absolutely yes.

If that makes them less appealing, then Goodz are probably not for you.

They aren't for everyone.

We are looking for the music obsessives.

The proud playlisters. The collectors. The completists. Maybe you miss cassettes or CDs. Or maybe you never lived through that era, but have a hunch that you would’ve thrived in it.

Maybe you are part of the 50% of vinyl purchasers who don’t even own a record player, who just want something that reminds you of the music you love, and are looking for a format a little less bulky, a little less expensive, and a lot less bad for the environment – but just as nice to hold and look at.

We're here for you.

We chose the mixtape as our first product because we believe it attracts the community we want to be a part of.

You’ve got impeccable taste in music and you know it. You create incredible playlists, or know where to find them. You’ve got the right song for every occasion. But they stay buried in your phone where no one can see them.

We’re here to help you share your great taste with your friends and loved ones, or to simply let you pull that intangible magic out of your phone and put it back on your shelf where you can see it again.

More is coming soon.

We’re already working with several artists to put out custom Goodz for their fans, and we’re actively looking for more to join us in this experiment.

Our goal is to help fans collect and show-off the music they love and let musicians find additional ways to get paid for making it. Beyond that, we see Goodz as a key that can unlock other content and experiences that further connect artists and fans, and ultimately that let you bookmark anything digital that is meaningful to you. But one thing at a time.

If this resonates with you, please get in touch.

Email us or DM us on Instagram. Tell us what you want to see from Goodz. What features you think we should add, what artists we should work with (you??), and what playlists you are putting on your Goodz.

We’re just getting started and can’t wait to see where this leads.

Chris & Mike

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